jeudi 24 mai 2018

Volley & Glide Tutorial | Send Data and show details in Collapsing Toolbar Part 2

Hello guys and welcome to Volley and Glide Tutorial Part 2 in the first tutorial we learned how to parse our json file and display the result into a recyclerview in this part we will create and design the detail activity which will contain the anime inforamations.

the detail activty will contain a collapsigntoolbarlayout and in order to implement that view we need to add the design library to our project
open build.gradle (module:app) and add the following line :

I previously made a tutorial about collapsing toolbar, check this link if you want to know more.
now lets create AnimeActivity : under Activities Package create an empty activity :
open anime_activity.xml and add the following code

After we designed the anime activity we need to add the click event to the recyclerview
when the user click on any anime item we should send its related informations to anime activity
open RecyclerViewAdapter under adapters package and update your code to the following

last step is to manage the recieved informations open your and add the following codes :

Drawable files : loading_shape.xml / rating_background.xml / rippleeffect.xml




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